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Oakham School Hosts Swimming Gala for Local Primary Schools

Oakham School hosted a swimming gala for thirteen local primary schools that are part of the Rutland Learning Trust, an academy Trust. 

The gala was hosted at no cost at the swimming pool in Oakham School's Sports Centre while also providing free-of-charge transport to and from the gala for all of the participating children.

This follows the closure of Rutland's main community swimming facilities in the Catmose Sports Centre, Oakham.



The aim of this event was to provide a swimming venue for the thirteen schools of the Rutland Learning Trust, following the closure of the public swimming pool at Catmose Sports Centre.

The schools which take part greatly benefit from the annual event.


Resources provided by Oakham School include use of the swimming facilities and provision of transport for the participating children.

Pupil Involvement

Male and female, primary school ages.


This is an annual event.