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Oakham supports national and local charities

Oakham takes giving to those less fortunate and in need very seriously and it does so mainly though the Oakham School Charity Association (OSCA).  We hold three Non-Uniform Days a year, one of which raises money for the School’s Charity of the Year. 


Charity of the Year – A charity is chosen annually and becomes the main focus of our charity funds for that year.

Funds are raised through Non-Uniform days, cake sales, fun runs, a charity rock concert, selling valentine roses, house breakfast and many money inventive ideas. 

Cancer Charities

The pupils are keen to support a wide variety of charities, however ones that repeatedly sees a lot of support are cancer charities.  Over £2600 was raised for a variety of cancer charities over the past school year.

Nationwide & Local Charities

Nationwide charities are often supported as well as the more local charities.  Money has recently being raised for charities such as Barnados, RNLI, Air Ambulance, Comic Relief, Children in Need alongside the Matt Hampson Trust, Rainbow Hospice and Anna’s Hope, amongst others.  In total, over £15,600 was raised for these charities in the 2014-15 school year.