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‘Phab’ charity Day

Oakham School recently had a charity day with phab, after inviting local young people with disabilities to the campus for a day of activities.

As part of its Voluntary Action over Service Weekend, the Oakham community came together to host an exciting day for our visitors from local groups including Aiming High and The Rutland Disabled Youth Forum. They were invited to take part in a whole host of activities as part of Oakham School’s affiliation to the Phab charity.

Several engaging events took place throughout the day including cake decorating, sporting games, karaoke and a drumming session. During their time at the School, the visitors were also treated to a few magic tricks and decorated their own tote bags which they then took home with them.  


Oakham school hosted the event as part of Voluntary Action pupils' Service Weekend, aimed to help disabled and non-disabled people within the community.

It allowed Form 6 and 7 pupils to show leadership and ensure they were organised to help the running of the day whilst also creating a warm and welcoming environment for our guests. Pupils showed kindness whilst connecting with the guests from our local Rutland community at the same time.

They were able to embed the Phab ethos to reduce social isolation and build friendships along the way. 


Oakham School has been working with Phab for a short amount of time but hopes to create a lasting partnership with the charity moving forward. 

The School has more events planned throughout the year, including a Christmas Party in December, which pupils are very excited about.


Various facilities at Oakham School were used to make the community day and activities happen. These included events in the Sports Hall, the BAFS Sports Pavilion and the Barraclough Dining Hall. It was supported by Teachers and Support Staff. The activity lasted for a day but there are plans to do more activities with Phab in the future. 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils aged between 16 and 18 were involved in the community day and worked together with the rest of the Oakham School community, including Teachers and Support Staff to create the activities. This was a co-educational event.