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Art Scholars raise £220 for the LGBT Foundation

Oakham School Art Scholars have raised more than £220 for the LGBT Foundation after hosting a charity art sale at School.

Form 7 (Year 13) pupils Yat Fei and Alex designed Christmas cards, stickers and tote bags which were then sold to their peers and staff across the School. 

Yat Fei, who is part of the DECEM (the School’s senior prefects) and has shared responsibility for ‘inclusivity’ at the School said: “We managed to raise £220, however, we plan to do a few more sales with the left-over products this coming week.

"I think the event went very well, the Lower School loved the stickers, and they bought loads! Even in the days following the event, many pupils came up to Alex and me to say how much they loved the stickers."

"It was so heart-warming, and the event gave us a nice chance to interact with them.”

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