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Use of the Swimming Pool by Local Primary Schools and Clubs

Our 25m indoor pool is used by a number of primary schools in North Devon, as well as swimming and canoeing clubs.


To give access to swimming lessons to as many children as possible in the North Devon area.

With only three indoor pools in a wide geographical area, we are providing a much-needed facilities for children to learn an important skill.


We were approached by the swim clubs and schools, who needed a facilities within easy distance from the school.

This relationship has been established for many years.


The swimming pool, car park and changing facilities.  The pool is used almost every day during the term time, by the various schools and clubs.


More children in North Devon have access to the pool and therefore can be taught to swim confidently.  This is particularly important in a part of the country with an extensive and nearby coastline.

Swimming is a cheap, easy and enjoyable sport which all age groups and abilities have access to.

Pupil Involvement

The pupils are mostly KS1 and KS2 from local primary schools.  Boys and girls.



The pool is used frequently, every week of the academic term.