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As part of the Institute for Physic's drive to encourage more students to take A-level Physics, we are working with five state schools in North Devon to facilitate the teaching of Physics by non-specialist teachers, through enabling our own Physics teachers to run regular sessions in the schools.

This is part of a government funded project of secondment of Physics teachers from high-achieving schools to schools which lack the staffing in this sector.



To provide expert support for less experienced teachers with their understanding of Physics.  

The need has been identified as the schools and colleges lack the required number of Physics teachers, instead using Biology and Chemistry teachers.

The beneficiaries are the students, who will receive better teaching of Physics at A-level, and the teachers themselves who are supported by specialists.

The critical factors for succes are if more students, boys and girls, choose Physics as an A-level option and career.


There are an increasing number of non-specialist teachers doing their best to teach Physics.  This was identified by IOP who realised that these staff could be assisted by teachers from high-performing schools who could offer the expertise and guidance to enable them to teach the syllabus adequately to get students through their exams.


The only resource required is manpower and time.  Our Physics staff visit the schools, individually, once a term.


The impact will be measured, over time, when more children choose to pursue Physics at A-level and as a career. 

Also, teachers will feel more confident to teach the syllabus.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from GCSE to A-level age.  Both boys and girls.


Visits are made once a term to each establishment