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Under 9 Rugby and Hockey development

There is little opportunity for the local state schools to play competitive Rugby and Hockey (inter school) in the local area.  It was also highlighted that these were curriculum areas were staff lacked expertise and knowledge to teach relevant skills.  The project was designed to provide greater opportunity for pupils to play competitive Rugby and Hockey in the local area.  It also aimed to develop pupils skills and understanding of each game before taking part in an annual tournament.  In addition it would provide improved understanding to teaching staff from attending schools. 



To provide greater opportunity for pupils to play competitive Rugby and Hockey.  Developing state pupils skills and understanding of Rugby and Hockey before taking part in an annual tournament. It also aimed to improve the understanding of teaching staff from the state schools in these areas. 



This project was initiated by Mr K Dawes of Littlegarth School.  After consultation with the teachers in charge of PE in local state schools Littlegarth agreed to host the tournament and run a series of “master classes” leading up to the event to help the pupils prepare to play.  The schools that attended the “master classes” attended four sessions leading up to the tournament, developing core skills of play.   



The event and “master classes” were held using the Littlegarth School sporting facilities.  Teachers from Littlegarth led the “master classes” and refereed the matches at the tournament.  Catering, School PTA and Site Team support contributed to the successful running of this annual event.



The “master classes” along with the tournament has been well received and teams now return annually.  It allows those pupils who would not normally experience competitive school Rugby and Hockey to do so and brings pupils together from different state and indipendent schools.


Pupil Involvement


Year 4 boys and girls.



This annual event is held in the Spring Term.