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Developing Latin and Greek for more able pupils.

There is little opportunity for the local state school pupils to learn Latin or Greek as part of the National curriculum.  Bring a combination of different state and independent schools together for a weekly club, would allow pupils to experience both languages first hand.  It is also a good opportunity to stretch the more gifted and able pupils.    





To provide greater opportunity for pupils to learn Latin and Greek.



 The project was initiated by H Smith of Littlegarth School.  The benefits to learning Latin and Greek for more able pupils were discussed in consultation with the local schools.  It was agreed that an after school club would be a great way to facilitate this.  Littlegarth agreed to host and run the club.   




The club is run at Littlegarth School weekly by staff from the school.




The club is well received and runs weekly with the opportunity to sign up termly.  It allows those pupils who would not normally learn Latin or Greek to do so and brings pupils together from different schools.


Pupil Involvement


Year 5 to Year 9 boys and girls.




It is a weekly club that runs throughout the academic year.