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Football Tournament for under 9 ‘B and C’ Players.

This competition was designed to provide enjoyable and competitive sport for those who may not make the "A" team within their school setting.  It was also aimed to bring a combination of different state and independent schools together. 



To provide opportunities for those footballers who might ordinarily not get chance to play in a tournament.  This annual event is both friendly and competitive.



This project was initiated by Mr K Dawes of Littlegarth School.  After consultation with the teachers in charge of PE in local state/independent schools Littlegarth agreed to host the tournament to enable as many pupils as possible to play competitive sport and to bring different pupils from different backgrounds together.



The event is held using the Littlegarth School sporting facilities.  Teachers from Littlegarth referee the matches.  Catering, School PTA and Site Team support contributed to the successful running of the event.




The tournament is well received and teams now return annually.  It allows those pupils who would not normally experience competitive school football to do so and brings together pupils from different schools.


Pupil Involvement


Year 4 boys and girls.




It is an annual event held during the Autumn Term.