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TED-style videos for PiXL Club

We helped the PiXL Club to produce a series of TED-style videos for use as a Stretch and Challenge resource in state secondary schools


The PiXL Club commissioned, in Summer 2019, the production of a series of professionally-shot TED-style talks with representatives from the Environment Agency delivering lectures in front of a live audience of state-educated post-16 pupils. It needed a suitable venue to produce and shoot the footage


We have been wprking with the PiXL Club - a members' organisation which works with over 1000 state schools to drive forward their improvement - for two years. Having developed a good working relationship, the Club actively sought our help with this project


We gave over our professional-grade Theatre for the day on a pro bono basis. This included the servies of our two specialist theatre technicians, who worked with the videographer to ensure high quality footage was shot, together with the servies of a senior manager who acted as liaison between PiXL and IPS for the day. We also provided full catering for the 50 state school pupils who attended, plus the representatives from PiXL and the Environment Agency


High quality footage was produced and PiXL is now seeking to distribute it to its members for use as a "stretch and challenge" resource

Pupil Involvement

50 pupils, 16-18 years


1 day, July 2019

We shall continue to assist with PiXL projects as and when it should request our help

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