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Lockdown Partnerships: Food Donation to Rackets Cubed

IPS has committed to supporting the work of charity Rackets Cubed in their work to provide food boxes for those living in food poverty in Wandsworth. As pupils cannot make the journey into School to donate, we are sending 4 school keepers in separate minibuses each Tuesday afternoon to parents' houses to pick up their donated items. This is then dropped off at Heathmere Primary School; the hub of the food box enterprise. 

In the first week, 60+ parents kindly contributed to this. These donated items filled up 2 of the minibuses, and helped Rackets Cubed to hand out 180 food boxes that week. They have made nearly 7000 food boxes since the start of the pandemic, and are clearly a life line for many families. 

This minibus pick-up scheme will run for the duration of the remote learning period.