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Studying in Europe

Studying in the EU Talk: A general talk is given to 6th form pupils from BC and local schools (and 5th form if they wish to attend) by external experts, currently a company called A Star Future, which provides general information about what it is like to study within the EU, the application process and requirements. The talk also includes details of potential costs of study as well as what it might be like to live in a particular country.


The 'Studying in Europe Forum' - provides an advice evening with representatives from companies offering information on European Universities, the application process and scholarships to Bradfield pupils and pupils from the local community.


The Horizons Department at Bradfield have an established programme of further education talks and workshops that other local schools are welcome to attend.


College facilities. 

Bradfield Horizons staff time.

Pupil Involvement

We intend to invite partner schools to participate going forwards.


Annual event