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Leadership Academy and Berkshire Youth Waterside Centre

In partnership with Berkshire Youth pupils from Bradfield College undertake an Open Colleges award in Leadership. These pupils volunteer at St Paul's Primary After School Club over the course of the academic year and also participate in other projects run by the Berkshire Youth Waterside Centre in Newbury. 


Engage in greater partnership with local community.

Allow Bradfield College pupils to receive leadership training.

Support local primary schools with their after-school provision. 

Work closely with local charity Berkshire Youth/ Waterside Centre


The college is building a relationhip with local charity Berkshire Youth and as part of this hopes to improve the number of local links we have with state schools.



Berkshire Youth & Bradfield Staffing

Classroom for training

Funding for the pupils Leadership Qualification

Funding for Berkshire Youth staff hours


Qualitative assessment is undertaken in the form of interviews with providers about contribution of Bradfield pupils.


Pupil Involvement

College pupils ranging from 16 to 18 years old, mixed gender


On-going over the course of the academic year