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STEM/Business Studies day

80  Year 5 pupils from 3 local primary schools attended for a full day of activities.


To provide opportunities for primary aged pupils to begin to explore aspects of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Business Studies that may not be taught in primary schools and to promote an interested in the learning of these subjects.


This project was initiated by G Allmand at AGC. It was designed to maximise the use of the College’s facilities and staff to provide this expertise for local primary school staff and pupils who may not have access to such equipment/facilities.


The event is held in the College’s specialist teaching rooms. Expertise from amongst the AGC teaching staff is used to provide the instruction/teaching on the day. Catering and Site Team support contribute to the successful running of the event.


The activities continue to be well received and schools are appreciative of the opportunity afforded to them. Schools follow up the ideas taught on the day and these will hopefully lead to a renewed focus and ‘reason for learning’ STEM subjects back at school.

Pupil Involvement

The day is put on solely for Year 5 pupils from local primary schools


The event occurs annually.