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Careers Day for Year 5 pupils

In association with the careers service and the local primary schools, College hosts an interactive free careers fair for Year 5 pupils.


To provide opportunities for primary aged pupils to begin to explore the world outside of education with professionals working within those industries. This may provide a focus for further work by the primary schools when they return to lessons.


This project was initiated by AGC. It was designed to maximise the use of the College’s careers service to include our own Year 5 and 6 pupils and to provide this expertise for local primary school pupils who may not have access to such a service.


The event is held in the College’s sports hall with MPLOY organising the attendance of the exhibitors.  Catering and Site Team support contribute to the successful running of the event.  The College’s careers officer is also involved in the liaison with MPOLY.


The activities were well received at the first event in 2016 and schools were appreciative of the opportunity afforded to them.  Individual partner schools will follow up the discussions that take place between pupils and employers, and these will hopefully lead to a renewed focus and ‘reason for learning’ subjects back at school.

Pupil Involvement

Year 5 pupils


The first event was in 2016 and will continue annually from now on (and if not then at least biannually).