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Eswatini School Partnership

The College maintains an on-going partnership with a high school in Eswatini (Swaziland).  Visits to Mliddzini High School have been made on a bi-annual basis and the next pupil/staff visit is planned for 2020.


To provide opportunities for AGC pupils to experience a different culture, to undertake construction work to improve facilities and to help improve educational opportunities for the Eswatini pupils



The College has always supported charitable work.  A partnership was formed with Mlindzini High School and AGC as a result of a College parent, Chester Lions Club and the work of College staff.  A staff and governor inspection visit to Swaziland (Eswatini) was followed by a visit from senior staff at Mlindzini High School to the UK.  The first pupil visit took place in 2016 and the most recent one in 2018 centered on providing the AGC pupils with a vastly different cultural experience to the one they normally experience, as well as helping to improve facilities at a feeder primary school, acting as classroom assistants and aiding in the production of new teaching resources for the Mlindzini High School pupils.  A similar trip is planned for AGC pupils to Eswatini for 2020.



Preparation events, including fund-raising activities, are held within the College and local community.  The time and expertise, of the pupils and AGC staff combines with that of the charity SenseAfrica who help to organise the visit.



Developing a cultural awareness amongst those students who undertake the visit (and the rest of the College community via subsequent assemblies) is a major part of the partnership.  Altruistic actions whilst in Swaziland, such as the construction of new facilities, provision of resources and teaching, has a major positive impact on students and staff at Mlindzini High School.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils aged 16 and over are given the opportunity to participate.



The visit is currently running on a bi-annual basis with the next visit from AGC planned for 2020.