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St Gabriel's/Ashford Hill Primary School - Mandarin Chinese outreach

One of our native Mandarin Chinese teachers delivers an outreach programme once per week for 45 mins for a term, to children in Year 4. The programme will include language learning and cultural activities such as character painting.


To strengthen partnerships between St Gabriel's and our local feeder schools.

To facilitate the learning of Mandarin Chinese for younger pupils and introduce them to another culture which is very different from their own.


We have previously delivered an outreach Classics programme to a number of local Primary schools, which was extremely successful. With increasing numbers of our pupils choosing to continue Mandarin Chinese to GCSE and beyond, we think it is important to broaden young minds at an early age, to the benefits of learning a non-European language. Our own Junior school pupils learn Mandarin from Year 1 and we would like to extend this opportunity to other young members of our local community. 


Willingness of specialist teacher to design and deliver an exciting programme of linguistic and cultural activities.

Transport available.

Time on the timetable to facilitate the teacher working off-site.


To be assessed at the end of the block of lessons through a pupil questionnaire. 

Pupil Involvement

Partner school Year 4 pupils. Boys and girls. 


The outreach will be offered to 3 local Primary schools each term We expect this to develop into a long-term commitment.