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Sporting partnership with Saracens Mavericks Netball Club

A partnership to support the development of netball at Felsted and in the wider community, a core sport at Felsted for girls. Both partners are mutually supportive of each other in terms of facilities and coaching provision, and are committed to providing young netballer players with a clear development pathway.

Felsted offers talented netball players the opportunity to apply for a Sports Scholarship, worth up to 20% off the fees, plus a top-up bursary on a means tested basis.


A partnership to support the development of netball at Felsted, a core sport at Felsted for girls. 


Felsted were looking for netball expertise to support Felsted's provision for talented netballers. A Mavericks player had been to provide coaching and this started the discussions to formalise a school partnership.


Felsted's Head of Netball works closely with Saracens Mavericks to ensure we tap in to their expertise and provide opportunities for our children and those in the community to see professionals in action. The partnership began in 2016 and will be reviewed every two years.


We have already seen some Felsted girls go on to play for a superleague club whilst at Felsted.

Pupil Involvement

All girls from the age of approx 11 years will benefit from the professional coaching provided by Mavericks Netball. Members of the local community can also access holiday clubs run by Mavericks Netball.


The partnership runs mainly during term time in the netball season.