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Felsted School's partnership with The Flitch Green Academy

Felsted School provides teaching expertise, facility provision and drama production invitations. Gifted and talented provision is also offered, including language and science experience days.


To foster stronger local links, provide support in specific subject areas, share facilities, and provide links for our pupils and staff as well.


Local primary school, with links at governing body level. Felsted School has previously invited pupils to watch drama productions and attend academic enrichment sessions.


Resources are provided as required including some pupil and staff time, as well as provision of Felsted's facilities. There is no financial contribution.


An ongoing partnership which has provided broader opportunity for Primary children across the curriculum, and co-curriculum, as well as development for senior children.

Pupil Involvement

From Flitch Green Academy those involved are largely the older pupils aged 9-11. There is opportunity for Felsted School pupils to be involved from age 11 onwards, but involvement is largely ages 16-18.


Ongoing and developing.  Expected to end up at 2-3 weekly projects.