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Felsted School's partnership with The Royal Docks Community School

Partnership agreement - annual full bursary places, shared resources, joint INSET, pupil and staff exchanges.


Embed link with school linked closely to Felsted's Mission Church (The Ascension Church) in East London. Provide opportunity and aspiration for pupils at RDCS, and broaden experience of pupils at Felsted. Use of resources and facilities as appropriate.


RDCS is next door to the Felsted Mission Church in East London, and Felsted has had a link with this area for over a century.


As required, but some senior staff time, and pupil/staff time, as well as provision of facilities.


Ongoing.  Currently 2 Lower 6th pupils on full bursaries, and more to follow. 

Pupil Involvement

RDCS - 11-16, Felsted 11-18.


Ongoing and developing.  Currently 2-3 visits per term, developing staff sharing resources and stronger links.