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Almshouse support for elderly Felsted Residents

  • Richard Lord Riche, founder of Felsted School, left a number of Almshouses to be offerred to those in need in the village. Managed by Felsted as part of his legacy, Almshouse residents are nurtured by the School through a number of supportive activities.


  • This activity provides housing and support for the elderly residents of Felsted village, who are unable to find housing. Pupils at the school visit and provide gifts and entertainment, particularly at Harvest Festival and at Christmas time.


Felsted's founder left the almshouses as part of his legacy and have been in place since 1564.


The Bursar's Department works closely with the Works Department to support the maintenance of the Almshouses. Various members of staff at both the Senior and Prep School visit the residents eg singing at Xmas Time, gifts at Harvest Festival etc. Residents are invited to the school plays, visiting talks,carol services, fetes, summer teas and other activiites.


The Bursar's  Department works closely with the residents of the Almshouses all year around.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from the age of 7 are aware of Felsted's support of the elderly in the Almshouses and will have visited or enternatined them at some point during their school career.