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Music Partnership with Junior Guildhall

Felsted has a unique partnership whereby talented pupils can study at both Felsted and the Guildhall, providing a clear pathway of excellence to a top music conservatoire.

Felsted also hosts Junior Guildhall to provide classes every Saturday in term time for local children in the region, giving satellite access to their expertise.


The partnership allows those children with musical talent to gain access to the best musical tuition in the country. Felsted/Guildhall Scholarships are available, with top-up bursaries on a means tested basis.


The partnership has been established since 2013.


The Junior Guildhall uses Felsted's Music School every Saturday during term time.

Pupil Involvement

Children aged 11 upwards are given the opportunity to audition for a place at the Junior Guildhall. For those who gain a place, they are supported in attending the Guildhall every Saturday morning. We currently have 4 children taking advantage of this opportunity (3 boys and 1 girl)


Every Saturday in term time.