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Music Partnership with Junior Guildhall

Felsted has a unique partnership whereby talented pupils can study at both Felsted and the Guildhall, providing a clear pathway of excellence to a top music conservatoire.


The partnership allows those children with musical talent to gain access to the best musical tuition in the country. Felsted/Guildhall Scholarships are available, with top-up bursaries on a means tested basis.


The partnership has been established since 2013.


At Felsted we offer our Music Department facilities for use by the Junior Guildhall for holiday camps and teaching opportunities.


A number of Felsted Guildhall Music Scholars have gone on to further study and careers in music.

Pupil Involvement

Children aged 11 upwards are given the opportunity to audition for a place at the Junior Guildhall. For those who gain a place, they are supported in attending the Guildhall every Saturday morning.


This is an ongoing partnership. Guidlhall Scholars have access to weekly tuition as well as regular performance opportunities.