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Sport Partnerships


The club use of the School's Sports Centre as an MCC Hub. The school was approached by the MCC to establish a Hub as part of their charitable endeavours  to encourage less fortunate children, of both sexes, to learn to play cricket and, perhaps more importantly, to learn to be a member of a team. The aim is to provide cricket coaching to children who would not otherwise have access to it and for them to benefit from participation in this excellent sport. The school was approached by a former Clerk of the Merchant Taylors' Company who had strong links with the MCC. The school was keen to support the venture. The Sports Centre is used for 3 hours each Friday throughout the Autumn and Winter to provide indoor coaching. The MCC have been keen to continue with the Hub and so, from their perspective, it is fulfilling its aims to encourage children to learn to play cricket and to benefit from everything that goes with the sport.

Use of School Sports Ground for local primary school's sports day

Waterloo Primary School use our Sports field for their annual summer sports day in July. We aim to provide sporting provision for local Primary Schools. Waterloo Primary School has very little outside ground so we offer our sports field for the day. Our ongoing relationship with local Primary Schools meant that when we were asked to offer this support by the Headteacher we were keen to do so.

Local Merseyside ACF

Local Merseyside ACF join school CCF training and use of shooting range. Our local Merseyside army cadet force and the ACF also use our shooting range. This is part of our Community outreach by sharing of our facilities and personnel. Training takes place on the school site and the CCF is made up of boys and girls from year 9 – 13.

Primary School Sports Festivals in Rugby, Football and Cricket

Local primary schools are invited to bring teams to sporting festivals each term. This festival aims to expose local pupils to more sport. This is part of our community outreach, using our facilities to host events. The day involves pupils from year 4-6

Cricket Partnership

During the cricket season, Formby CC use our pitches, primarily for their 3rd XI, to play fixtures. We want to share our grounds to provide facilities for local cricketers to be able to play matches. A number of boys and staff at the school play at Formby CC and a good relationship has been developed. The school was approached to see if we were able to provide facilities and we were pleased to be able to help. We provide the Ground staff and equipment are needed to prepare the pitches.

Rugby Partnership with Waterloo RFC

Waterloo RFC use the school off site field for training and matches throughout the rugby season. As space is limited at the club's premises, we were keen to support the local rugby club by providing use of our sports facilities. This enables many more children and young adults to take part in training and matches. Both the school and the rugby club have historically strong links which date back over 100 years. The sports pitches require some preparation by the school ground staff each week. Our students use the pitches on a weekly basis, but so does the thriving Mini and Junior section at Waterloo RFC, providing opportunities for many to develop their love of the support.