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Community Service in local Primary Schools

Over 20 boys currently provide in-class support throughout several year groups on Wednesday afternoons in a number of local Primary Schools, including Waterloo Primary, Ursuline Primary and Forefield Juniors. Our students offer support in a variety of ways, including reading with children, as well as being able to help in specific areas of the curriculum where they have good knowledge (eg. Science and Maths). Around 200 local children are supported in this way and the benefit is felt by both groups.


The aims are to encourage the positive aspects of volunteering and offer some degree of specialist knowledge and support to primary schools.

Both the children in the local Primary Schools and the students from our school are beneficiaries of this work. Teachers are also beneficiaries in that they have some additional resources to use in their own work.


This was established in September 2012 and has been increasing in scope with more volunteers this year than ever before. It is looked after by a member of staff at this school who has a particular interest in this area. 


One member of staff provides the transport to and from the schools and mentoring on a weekly basis to the boys involved on Wednesday afternoons.

Pupil Involvement

The pupils, all boys, are years 11 -13 and there are currently over 20 involved in this project.


This is a once weekly event during term time throughout the school year.