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Art and Design Masterclass

To improve the art skills of pupils and staff at Great Crosby and provide a challenge and inspiration to all Able, Gifted and Talented children in Year Six, building their confidence and skills. Many other pupils will benefit from their teachers' new confidence and skills set.


To improve the overall quality of atrwork created by pupils, by facilitating both staff and pupils to gain new skills and confidence.


The Headteacher of Great Crosby requested support for art skills from Merchant Taylors' Headteacher.


Two art teachers from Merchant Taylors' for one and a half hours' duration at Great Crosby with the occasional session at our school.


Staff will gain more confidence to teach art and the pupils will increase in confidence in their own abilities, learn new techniques and produce work of higher quality. There will be an exhibition area/gallery to display the pupils' work.

Pupil Involvement

10 pupils (on rotation each term) Year Six Gifted and Talented pupils, boys and girls.


On a weekly basis during the school year.