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Careers Fair including Year 11 pupils from local Secondary Schools

Head of Careers organises an annual Careers Fair and University Exhibition. Our Year 11 and Sixth Form pupils attend and invites are extended to Year 11 pupils from our local secondary schools.


Community outreach, which shares specialist information about future careers and universities with students.


This event had been organised for the benefit of the students in our school. However, given how many companies and universities attend each year, it made sense to open it to students in the local community so that they could also access this support.


The event takes place on the school site on an annual basis. Substantial preparation is carried out by the Head of Careers to ensure that a range of companies and universities attend the event. The Head of Careers also publicises this to local schools and attends those schools to promote the event. In the immediate run-up to the Fair, both teaching and non teaching staff are involved in making it happen.

Pupil Involvement

Year 11 and Year 12.

Boys and Girls


Annual Event