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Splendid Drama Workshop

Every year, the Drama departments of The Grange School and St Nicholas High School work together in a Splendid Drama workshop. The annual performance takes place for GCSE and A level Drama students from both schools and A Level students from both schools participate in a workshop led by actors.


Key aims include:

Enhancing existing educational provision
Provide further careers education by giving 'real-world' experience
Provide the opportunity for collaborative learning between students

The critical factor for success is the willingness of both groups of students to participate in the workshop, facilitated by high quality logistical support.

Both Grange and St Nicholas's students benefit from the workshop offered by Splendid, enhancing their understanding and furthering their practical skills.



The event is organised by The Grange's Head of Drama in conjunction with their counterpart at St Nicholas's High School. Both schools have been working together for many years.


Critical to the success of the partnership is the logistics in organising Splendid to run the workshop and continued collaborative work between staff of both sides.


Key resources include:

Use of The Grange Theatre
Time and efforts committed by Grange School teaching staff
Time and efforts committed by Grange School support staff to help with logistics


The partnership has a number of qualitative benefits:

Positive feedback from Grange school staff & students
Positive feedback from partner school staff & students
Chance for all students to engage in collaborative learning
Opportunity to extend the most able students
Enhanced existing provision in place
Enhanced skills of all students involved


After every workshop, the two Heads of Drama review the provision and adapt this for future provision.

Pupil Involvement

Whilst numbers vary according to the size of the cohort, all GCSE and A Level Drama students from both schools are involved in the workshops. From the Grange, this is roughly 60 GCSE students and 10 A Level students. St Nicholas's High School bring all of their GCSE and A Level cohort to participate in the workshop.


This is an ongoing commitment that has been taking place on an annual basis for many years. Both schools are keen that this collaboration will continue.