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Careers Convention

The Grange School Careers Conference is a biennial event in which pupils in years 10 and above from both the grange and the local community schools, together with their parents, are invited to attend an evening with over 70 representatives of different careers and Higher Education institutions.

During the evening there is a programme of lectures  on topics such as “Entry to Medicine”, a range of smaller talks about individual careers and a large number of volunteers who speak ‘one to one’ with pupils and their parents about their experiences.

This busy, exciting evening is often the springboard which starts pupils thinking about their futures and, as such, is an important part of the school curriculum. To help pupils in choosing who to listen to on the evening, a brochure is printed in which short biographies of each representative and their career so far are given. This helps pupils plan the evening carefully.


To engage and enhace the students experiences when looking for the right career path for them.


We use the Grange School Sixth form Centre and Grange Theatre as a convention centre and lecture space.

Pupil Involvement

Open to all students from Years 10 to 13.


Bi-annual event