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Science and Technology Workshop

The Grange Junior School recently hosted a fun, informative and free Science and Technology workshop. The School felt with such stimulating facilities and enthusiastic members of staff they would open the doors on a Saturday to entice young scientists and designers in for a morning of hands-on experience and fun!

The popular workshop of which 30 children attended and many more interested allowed the children the opportunity to learn more about Science and Technology. With an overarching Pirate theme, in the Science session the children used chemical reactions to find the treasure inside a treasure chest, made “liquid gold” using a simple polymerisation reaction and rescued treasure from quicksand using ideas about states of matter.

In the Technology session, the children learned how to make and launch paper Cannon rockets and produced their own personalised gold coins using a 3D printer. Led by Science and Technology specialists from the primary sector, it was a terrific opportunity for young children to learn more about Science and Technology and have access to our state-of-the art facilities.