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Sharing of Good Practice in A Level Politics

A group of Grange School & Wirral Grammar School for Boys teaching staff who work collaboratively to plan and review work for the A Level Politics course. This initiative commenced in June 2017 and is ongoing.


The aim was to give A Level Politics students from both schools the best chance of success, given the examination reform that had happened in the course.


Central to the project was the development of resources that would support the delivery of the course but equally beneficial was the teaching & learning conversations between colleagues, enhancing professional development.


Examination reform necessitated a review of how the course was delivered and an update of the resources to teach the A Level Politics course. Colleagues from these schools had worked together in the past and the networking opportunity was borne from this, whilst incorporating new staff.


The partnership was formed to support colleagues in the delivery of high quality A Level Politics provision across both schools.


This partnership requires a time commitment from both sets of teaching staff to share resources and expertise on a regular basis.


Qualitatively both sets of staff report that this has aided staff development and confidence in delivering the course. Joint planning of material and resources and sharing of resources and expertise has enhanced (already high) staff competency. Regular review meetings has built solid working relations between the two schools, allowing for the exchange of teaching and learning ideas.

Pupil Involvement

A Level Politics students from both schools (The Grange and Wirral Grammar School for Boys) benefit from this provision.


This is an ongoing collaborative project with continual sharing of resources and expertise.