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Cool to be Curious

Junior school pupils are mentored by Putney girls over a period of two years. They attend sessions at Putney High School or Roehampton University, where the pupils are taught exciting, off-curricular topics and supported by the Putney girls.


To provide opportunities for children in the local community to learn new and inspirational topics and to work with pupils from Putney High school as well as develop relationships with them. To stretch and challenge and inspire pupils from local junior schools.


Contacts and networking. The Deputy Head was keen to develop an ethos of outreach, gratitude and empathy within the school and sharing a love of learning.

The programme is coming to the end of its second year.


Teaching staff and mentees / buddies. A spread of different teachers are involved, about six at any one time.


Pupils enjoy learning, feel inspired to learn and are encouraged by others who enjoy supporting them. Pupils complete reflection and feed back to school.

At the end of each termly session, success is measured by pupil enthusiasm, attitude to learning, attendance.

Pupil Involvement

Putney girls are involved in mentoring / buddying the pupils and working through the learning processes with them.

Local community junior school pupils are around 8 years old. Putney girls are around 16 years old.


Once a term over two years.