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Ark Putney

We are now collaborating with Ark Putney in a variety of ways:

- Student exchange in Sixth Form.

- Oxbridge Application + Interview preparation.

- Trainee Teacher secondary placement hosted at Putney High.

- Extended invtiation to Gifted + Talented events, such as PIE, PIE+ Programme.

- Attended PIE2 Conference.


To provide opportunities to the Ark Putney students, such as interview preparation for university, exposure to speakers Ark do not have a budget for.

To provide opportunities for Ark trainee teachers.

To develop relationships between students.


The initial contact was made with the Director of Sixth Form. The partnership has now grown and so contact is made with multiple teachers from the school.

The trainee teacher exchange was developed by the Director of Research and Learning at Putney High.

The partnership is not time bound and has no time limit on it.

Pupil Involvement

Sixth Form Students (typically Oxbridge candidates) - x190 from PHS and approximately x30 from Ark.

Year 9 students invited to PIE2 and speaker events.