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Festival of Sport

The first Festival of Sport by the Wandsworth Schools Partnership took place on Thursday 7 July 2022. Led by Putney High School and Saint Cecilia’s Church of England School with The Roche School, the festival offers local primary schools the opportunity to experience new sports, to develop skills and make connections with other local children before they move to senior school.


- To bring together Year 5 and Year 6 students to experience new sports and develop new skills in a non-competitive environment.

- To offer students the opportunity to teach and learn from each other and make connections with other students from different schools in the local area.

- To target transition aged students as they prepare for the move from Junior to Senior School.

- To offer a meaningful and fun enrichment opportunity in the summer term.

- To offer Year 10 students from Saint Cecilia's Secondary School to develop and run team-building activities.


The partnership activity came about via consultation with the Wandsworth Schools Partnership steering committee of: Ronald Ross Primary School, Hotham Primary School, and Saint Cecilia's Secondary School.

The event gave children in Year 6 the opportunity to try their hand at Quidditch, Table Tennis and a hybrid netball / rugby game to name a few. 

Specialist sports staff along with students from Putney High School, Saint Cecilia’s and Emanuel will be running team-building activities, coaching lacrosse and cricket and introducing children to rowing technique using ergo machines. 

The Year 6 participants from The Roche School, Ronald Ross, Hotham and Falconbrook primary schools have also made an important contribution to the event, not only in their sporting participation but in bringing all important cakes to share. 


Sports teachers and PE equipment from Putney High School and The Roche School, as well as the fire of Dover House Road sports facilities.


“We are really hoping this, our first Festival of Sport, will be an eye-opening and fun opportunity for all the young people involved. It’s a wonderful way for Wandsworth schools to collaborate and come together at the end of the summer term, and rather than a competitive sports day, we hope it will be an enriching day for Year 6 as they get a taste of senior school sport.” - Ms Brandon. 

Pupil Involvement

- Year 12 sports scholars for Putney High School and Emanuel School helped facilitate the sports sessions.

- Year 10 PE students from Saint Cecilia's School helped to deliver team-building sessions for the Primary School Students.


This was the first of a series of annual events to be held in July each year.