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Festival of Sport

Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School’s Festival of Sport provides a full day of enjoyable and wide-ranging sports activities. The day delivers an opportunity for children from different schools to compete and play – with the hope that this would inspire them to become more involved in sport.



The aim of this event is to provide a full day of different sports activities and games, with the emphasis on learning new skills, participation and making new friends. There are awards for teamwork and fair play.

Twenty five (25) Young Leaders representing Years 9 and 10 from Wolverhampton Grammar School hosted the visiting schools, accompanying them on every activity and taking care of any requirements they had. Staff escorting the children commented on the magnificent organisation and friendliness of our Young Leaders towards their students.

Participating children from all schools are asked to demonstrate six sporting values on the day: determination, honesty, self-belief, passion, respect and team work. At the end of every activity supervising staff awarded Magic Moment stickers to any of the children who had shown those six sporting values. Local state school, Woodthorne Primary School won a Fair Play trophy shield on the day for the best demonstration of all six sporting values.

As well as asking children to participate in popular primary school sports, the facilities at Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School provided the opportunity to also introduce children to a number of sports that would be less familiar to them including Tennis, Golf and Fives (a traditional independent school sport).


Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School provided free use of its facilities and teaching staff for the day. Administrative and event management support was also provided by the school to help promote the event, register attendees, provide support on the day and follow up with the schools involved.



All children thoroughly enjoyed the day and schools have been invited back to participate in what will now be an annual event.



Pupil Involvement

The involvement of older students from Wolverhampton Grammar School provided a valuable opportunity for them to coach, lead and look after children of different ages and abilities.

Seventy (70) children from local schools representing Year 6 participate in the Festival of Sport.


The event takes place over one day. The success of the 2015 event has meant that this will now be an annual event.