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Partnership of staff and pupils between Brighton College and the LAE

Brighton College supports the London Academy of Excellence in a variety of ways. Brighton teaching staff visit the LAE to teach, mentor and support academic departments and service activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme through the year. Staff training between the two schools also allows staff from both to visit each other and spend INSET days together. Members of the Senior Management Team and governing body at Brighton College are on the governing body of the LAE, and the LAE Head Master is also a former Brighton College SMT member. Each year, year 12 pupils in each school are given a buddy in the other school, and each pupil visits the other school to sit in lessons and share ideas.  Pupils from the LAE also come to Brighton College for a UCAS and careers day in the summer term to prepare for life after A levels.


The project came about through a discussion between Richard Cairns, Head Master of Brighton College, and Joan Deslandes, Head of Kingsford School in Newham. Brighton had offered 6th form scholarships to 2/3 Kingsford pupils for some years, because they had no viable Sixth form option in their borough. Richard and Joan both felt that the opportunity to study for university should be extended to more pupils, and gained the support of other independent schools around London and HSBC bank to sponsor the London Academy of Excellence.This opened in 2011, and now prepares 200 year 12 and 200 year 13 pupils for university and beyond.  It was voted Sixth Form College of the Year in 2015 - 16.