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Primary After School Club Support

Weekly pupil volunteers to support local state primary wrap around care provision (after school clubs)

Act as activity providers and general support staff on a weekly basis


Support provision of wraparound care at local primary schools


Enhance leadership skills of Bradfield pupils


We have over the years sent pupils out to volunteer at local state primary schools when they needed volunteering for DofE or other voluntary service awards.

We wanted to formalise this and offer weekly provision to local state primaries whilst offering our pupils the chance to commit to a weekly offering.


Mini bus 

Staff member to drive and supervise group

Resources from school taken to run activities at primary schools


Over 300 hours of voluntary service per academic year per school (up to 900 hours of voluntary service)

Pupil Involvement

20 Secondary aged pupils (15-18)

mixed gender


Weekly 2 hours

All year

Ongoing (and expanding)