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Primary Schools Science and Sports Series

The Primary Schools Science Series is a programme of science enrichment workshops for local primary schools. The programme offers the venue, transport to the workshops, equipment for the practical science experiments and the opportunity to work with Sixth Form Scientists and teachers. The programme is run six times throughout the academic year and accommodates 60 pupils per session. Approximately 360 primary school pupils take part in it over the academic year.


The Primary Schools Sports Events Series consists of sports competitions that run throughout three academic terms. Staffing, venues, equipment, transport, catering and prizes are provided by the College. Activities on offer are mixed netball, cross-country, football, mini tennis and kwik cricket. 


The Sports and Sciences series enable Bradfield pupils to work with primary school pupils and thus develop their own interpersonal and leadership skills. 


Bradfield staff, facilities and pupils used to run workshops.


Impact assessment is based on a combination of the total number of schools/ pupils signing up each year as well as testimonial evidence such as 'the pupils loved the opportunity to compete in such an event with such amazing facilities' (Thatcham Park SSCO) and 'this event encouraged a significant number of our pupils to play Kwik Cricket in our after school club and be more physically active as a result and the opportunity to allow our pupils the chance to play tennis in such a fantastic venue will definitely inspire them to play at home and beyond' - (Bradfield Southend SSCO)

More anecdotal evidence suggests that the programme is effective: 'Thank you so much for organising a great afternoon for us. The children really enjoyed it and one came home saying ‘We made hydrogen bombs!’ 😂 Please thank all the staff for a lovely experience and hopefully the start of many.' (Woolhampton Headmistress)

Feedback on the engagement of the Bradfield pupils has also been positive: 'The boys that [Bradfield] brought with them for cricket were engaged and supportive and we were really impressed with their general demeanour towards adults as well as the children.' (Englefield Headteacher)



Pupil Involvement

20 pupils from Bradfield College Sixth Form support teaching staff for Science workshops and 100 pupils support the coaching staff for the Sports series. 


Six workshops offered per academic year

Each workshop can accommodate up to 60 pupils

Annual programme that has been running for 9 years