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Languages Masterclass at Oakwood

In June 2018 we hosted a Languages Masterclass at Oakwood, kindly provided by Year 9 Portsmouth High School linguists. We are now going to run this event in June on an ongoing, annual basis. 


We would like to provide both our pupils and pupils from our local community primary schools with the opportunity to learn the basics of other, non-standard and community languages. 


The partnership was established in 2018 between Portsmouth High School and Oakwood School. In June 2019, we are very much looking forward to the fact that Westbourne Primary School will also be attending.


Oakwood provides the venue, refreshements and can also provide the transport, depending on requirements. The event lasts for the morning, with a carousel of activities taking place. Oakwood School covers the costs incurred for transport and refreshments. There is no need for local primary schools to make any financial contribution. 


Pupils enjoy learning different, non-standard languages. They are able to extend their language-learning skills to then have an impact on their normal, classroom-based learning. 

Pupil Involvement

Our Year 5 (or 4) take part, as will be the same with Westbourne Primary School. Both genders of pupil participate in this event. 


This project will be repeated on an annual basis.