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'Curry in a Hurry' - Food Technology event

As an extension to the learning, this was a fun way to explore flavours from around the world to create a delicious main course and side dish using the food technology suite for pupils in Year 5 & Year 6.


The aim was for pupils in the community to come together to explore foods, ingredients, eating habits, develop cooking skills to feel comfortable and competent to create dishes to enjoy with their friends and family.


Having visited West Dean at their World War II event, there was evidence of a love of cooking and talent when they hosted delicious homemade teas, cakes, buns and scones. I thought that future chefs might like to stretch their skills & experiences further.


We used a fully equiped food technology suite within the grounds of Oakwood School.


The enjoyment, laughter and positive feedback during and after the event from pupils and families demonstrated the valuable impact it had.

Pupil Involvement

Year 5 and Year 6.