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Junior Language Challenge Regional Semi-Final for the Meridian region

We were delighted to be able to welcome Aldrington Primary School, when we hosted the above regional semi-final. All the children did us proud, competing in Khmer to gain maximum points, in order to attempt to gain a much-coveted place in the national finals at the Islington Business Centre in London, during the Languages Show Exhibition in October. Super work, everyone; it great to meet you all. Please let us know if you would like to collaborate on other, languages-related activities! 


To extend the learning of languages, especially non-standard languages into the home, into other other schools and beyond. A super opportunity to exercise the grey matter and to show what you can do in other learning environments! 


Through the activities of the Junior Language Challenge, with whom we have a long-standing involvement, we hope to be able to host this event for many years to come. We have already hosted it for three years; both Oakwood and the jlc personnel identified an ideal opportunity to be able to host such a celebratory event in a welcoming school which was fairly equi-distant as a venue between the successful participating schools. 


The school heritage room, a classroom and IT facilities, plus teaching and non-teaching staff  were involved in the project. The event lasted from 11.30-14.30. Oakwood School took no payment for hosting this semi-final. 


A super activity, which engages pupils who have an interest of learning other, non-standard themes, topics and languages beyond the classroom, often extending learning, via the impressive support of their parents, into the home. It is quite an achievement, this year, that many pupils have spent a fair amount of their summer holidays learning Khmer, the language spoken in Cambodia! 

Pupil Involvement

Children from Year 3-6 were involved, from a variety of schools in the region, both state and private. 


We hope to be able to host the event every year. We would be happy to welcome other schools, should they decide to participate in this very valuable experience.