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Cricket Coaching Partnership

OHGS and Wernerth Cricket Club share facilities and resources to make cricket coaching available to young people living locally.


To promote cricket in the local community


Both organisations have a similar history in the neighbourhood and many shared values. The two organisations have worked together for many years. We have recently decided to formailse the infromal arrangements which have developed over this time.


In exchange for Wernerth CC using OHGS's sports hall for winter nets, OHGS will use the club's facilities during the summer months for some of its cricket fixtures. OHGS will also encourage young players, age 8+, to take advantage of the coaching which is avaiable at Werneth CC. Both organisations will share coaching and teaching staff where this can be facilitated.


The hope is to increase participation in cricket in the local community. We also hope that the school pupils will have the opportunity to play cricket more often, and will experience more success, and be more competitive when they do play.

Pupil Involvement

The project is really aimed at year 5 and above. The school has a histroy of both boys and girls being selected to play cricket at a county level.


During the winter months Werneth CC with use OHGS's facilities. In return for this OHGS will use Werneth CC's facilities during the cricket season.