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Werneth Primary School Reading Buddies Programme

Pupils from year 8 spend two lunchtimes each week reading with their reading buddies in years 5 & 6 at Werneth Primary School


To support reading in Werneth Primary Schools where many pupils will speak a language other than English at home.


Pupils in year 8 & 10 instigated this project with a desire to help children in our closest local priimary school. We apporached the management of the primary school who identified this as an area where our students could support theirs. 

We have worked with Werneth Primary School on and off for a numbers of years. God channels of communication between the management teams of the two schools have improved the scope for partnership.


Up to 40 pupils from OHGS are involved. They recieved training prior to embarking on the programme. A minimum of two teachers accompany the students on each visit. As the students walk to the school there are no costs incurred other than teachers' time.


The reading buddies are assessed at the beginning and end of the ten week programme.

Pupil Involvement

40-45 pupils from yeras 8 & 10 at OHGS. a similar number of year 5 & 6 pupils at Werneth Primary School. Both genders, but generally more girls than boys volunteer for this.


Twice weekly for ten weeks in the spring/summer term. We plan to repeat this next year.