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Harmony Trust OHGS Reading Partnership

Sixth form students from Oldham Hulme Grammar School visit Harmony Trust Schools to develop reading skills within the schools. 


The improve literacy skills within the pupils of the Harmony Trust schools. Oldham Hulme Grammar School pupils benefit from spending time with younger pupils and helping them with this valuable skill. The older students receive training to eable them to support the younger students more effectively.


Oldham Hulme Grammar School was approached by the Harmony Trust for help. Antony Hughes, Chief Executive of the Harmony Trust and John Dalziel, Deputy principal of Oldham Hulme Grammar School saw how this project could be mutually beneficial to our pupils.


Staff and student time. Facilties are shared and it is hoped to encourgae the younger students to visit Oldham Hulme Grammar School and use our library and take the opportunity to 'read in different spaces'


The project is in its early stages so it is too soon to measure any positive impact. 

Pupil Involvement

The project is intially aimed at pupils in years 5 & 6 in the Harmony Trust Schools and year 12 at Oldham Hulme Grammar School. On both sides of theproject students from a very diverse range of backgrounds are involved. For several participants English is not the langauge they speak at home.