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St Michael's School

John Dalziel, Deputy Principal external relations at Oldham Hulme Grammar Schools is chair of governors at St Michael's School Middleton


The two schools share staff expertese and ideas.


John Dalziel has been a governor of St Michael's School for 12 years. He is currently a National Leader of Governance with the National College for Teaching and Leadership. In this role he works with a variety of other schools in an advisory capacity.


Staff time, teaching staff will meet from time to time to share good practice. We will often arrange reciprocal placements for trainees teachers or school experince visits. On two occasions we have jointly hosted overseas headteachers, one from Ghana the other from Lahore.

Pupil Involvement

This primarily focusses on the primary age pupils of both schools but sometime older students benefit from the relationship. One of our sixth form students recently completed a long term work experience placement at the school and two year 9 students were recently involved in an author visit day.