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Mastering maths

We offer a free maths club after school each Monday for gifted and talented mathematicians from local primary schools. This is run by our maths department and sixth form students and aims to help children work at greater depth and have fun solving a range of complex mathematical problems.


To engage local schools and their students and give their year 6 students opportunities to study maths with their peers from their schools aiming at helping able mathematicians to study at greater depth and enjoy solving complex mathematical problems.


This has been running for a few years and our local primary partners find this helps their students. There is often a shortage of maths graduates working in primary schools and our maths department offer their expertise to help local primary students develop their ability and understanding in maths. It also gives our sixth from mathematicians, who act as teaching assistants for the sessions, experience of helping other young people to understand maths.


The sessions are hosted in our sixth from centre, run by our maths teachers supported by sixth form mathematicians. The sessions run from October half term until February half term.


We hope to help year 6 students master maths and apply their knowledge at greater depth. Feedback from schools involved suggests it helps their year 6 students perform at higher levels in their SATs.

Pupil Involvement

Year 5 and 6 pupils from our own school and local primaries, boys and girls, being supported by our sixth form students. Annually approximately 50 students from 11 different primary schools are participating in these sessions.


Weekly for a term