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Art collaboration during Covid-19 lockdowns

Art partnership with Windermere Primary School


Supporting Windermere Primary School in setting up remote learning during the Covid-19 lockdown 


The Art partnership with the local St Albans school, Windermere Primary School, has existed for some years. In the summer term of 2020 Windermere Primary were focused upon starting up their own Google Classroom activities for their remote teaching. The Head Teacher of Windermere Primary was offered email dialogue by staff in the Art department at STAHS. Through which various ideas were communicated about the best use of the varied IT programs on offer to support remote learning.

The Art department at STAHS contacted the Head of Windermere Primary again in September 2020 and discussions were resumed in November. A collaboration with a Year 13 Art Scholar led to using  Teams to communicate between the two Schools.  This resulted in plans being drawn up for online resources to be created for Windermere Primary pupils to explore watercolour painting techniques.

During the third lockdown in January 2021, contact continued, with the Headteacher at Windermere Primary asking for support with an online project for possibly Year 5 and Year 6. Colleagues in the Art department created a step-by-step practical guide PowerPoint for 'drawing with perspective'. This is now being used by Year 6 Windermere Primary pupils, as they work from a literacy text and learn to explore ideas through making art at home. Staff in the STAHS Art department also created a PowerPoint of watercolour techniques and suggested ideas from online Art twitter feeds. 


It's pleasing to know that these resources are currently being used by Windermere Primary School pupils and staff - a positive partnership result. Davina has explained that any artwork created will be shared back to STAHS once completed.
ing of teaching practices, creation of resources and continued support for each other during these unusual times of remote teaching will continue.

Pupil Involvement

Year 6 pupils from Windermere Primary school (co-ed)


The dialogue included sharing of teaching practices, creation of resources and continued mutual and recirprocal support for each School during periods of remote teaching.