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Alban Federation & STAHS Partnership

Working with the Alban Federation lead at Sandringham School Mark Nicholls, we are exploring ways we might benefit from and contribute to its training programme. Starting with subject knowledge, we have hosted workshops for  trainee teachers interrogating subject-specific pedagogies, definitions of scholarship and how to fuel and maintain passion for one's subject.


The Carter Review of Initial Teacher Training (January 2015) identified subject knowledge as a key area for development. Building on this, the aims of the partnership are to:

  • Rigorously audit, track and systematically improve trainees’ subject knowledge
  • Ensure that trainees have access to high quality subject expertise 
  • Address issues in subject-specific pedagogy, tackling common misconceptions


The partnership began with a meeting between one of our Deputy Heads and the leader of the Alban Federation at an ITT conference in 2015, exploring the implications of the Carter Review. More meetings followed, bringing in a member of the STAHS team running an ITT project with the Institute of Education. The latter developed and delivered the conference and workshop models which ran 2016-17.


Critical to success are the productive working relationships established between STAHS and the Alban Federation - most particularly the two lead staff - and their shared understanding of trainee needs. Two 1 day events have run here at school, and have benefited enormously from STAHS staff volunteers.


Very positive evaluations gathered from 45 trainee teachers and great feedback from STAHS staff volunteers who found the experience of working with people at the start of their careers galvanising.


Pupil Involvement

2017-18 100 Year 11 pupils participated in a revision carousel where the 45 trainee teachers offered 15 minute revision sessions, utilizing knowledge and skills gathered in the workshops.


2 x 1 day workshops 2016-17 involving 45 trainee teachers

1 x 1 day workshop 2017-18 involving 50 trainee teachers