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Year 4 Sports Partnership Festival

To establish and cement an understanding that participation in sport should be lifelong and of benefit to all for lifelong physical and emotional benefit. 


The concept of the day is to gain physical confidence and understanding of a range of sports. New skills are discovered and existing skills are improved. Skills such as reaction time, co-ordination, strength, speed and endurance are components of fitness to be found in the Key Stage 2 PE Curriculum, including Dance, Gymnastics, Hockey and Netball, Athletics - and more. With a deeper understanding of these components pupils will realise that they can improve their ability across all sports and therefore gain confidence - even if they struggle with the core skills of an individual sport.

The day will also involve some sport specific clinics, which will include Netball and Hockey (for both boys and girls). Hockey is particularly important as we are the only school to have an Astroturf in Greenwich so for schools to be able to access this may lead to them joining a Hockey club and discovering a new talent. Our older pupils (from our sports scholarship programme) will also help with the running of the day.

Across the country mental health is widely discussed and we are addressing the issue of having good mental health through participation in sport. The definition of General Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Our aim is to run a Partnership Festival day where year 4 pupils from surrounding area schools come to use our facilities, be given expert coaching (including an England Netball coach) and learn the importance of SAQ (speed, agility and quickness) in all sports. 


This is a long standing partnership activity that emerged from a Tennis Partnership.


Use of our school fields, our sports equipment and received HSBC funding for 2017 event. 

Staff - PE department, form class teachers, teaching assisstants, nurse and marketing.

Pupil Involvement

Year 4 pupils from BHS take part in the festival, along with 8-9 year old pupils from our partner schools, with some Year 6 and 7 BHS students also taking part to help in organising it.