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New Views (young playwright program)

To teach the basics of playwrighting.


- To teach the basics of playwrighting

-To develop and nurture young playwrights

- To develop creativity and playwrighting skills 

- Students to write a short stage play that is submitted to the National Theatre.

Critical success factors; to complete a short stage play and to have it submitted to the National Theatre a part of their annual competition.

It develops creative writing skills, encourages students to voice their views, also allowing students to share their ideas with an audience, and to meet students from a different area of London.


It is organised by the National Theatre and Grant Corr completed it as a project with his previous school. 


A dedicated creative space. An experienced facilitator/teacher to run the weekly workshops and to liase with the National Theatre.


The students have to come up with their own idea for a stage play - this is discussed within the group and evaluation is given to each student, this si repeated with the visiting playwright. Throughout the workshops, students read out their plays and the group discusses the pieces once again feeding back. 

Pupil Involvement

Students are from Year 10 to Year 13. to date, the students have all been girls but we plan to form a partner with a boys school next year. There has been little involvement with the two schools, this is due to location issues. We plan to run extra sessions at BHS next year.


The workshops last for two hours and run once a week. 

The project officially ends at the start of the summer term when the students' second drafts of the plays are submitted to the National Theatre.