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Shine project: Serious Fun on Saturdays

Shine is a project that targets disadvantaged students in Year 5 at three local maintained primary schools. Students take part in a range of activities including Mirror Making, Coding, Pop Art, First Aid and an educational visit to the Royal Observatory. They are supported over seven sessions by sixth form mentors.


The Project aims to target children for whom there is no other provision in their schools; they may be disaffected, have difficult home lives, or in need of more support than can be provided by their schools. The aim is to engage the children in education; to broaden their horizons and to boost their confidence so that they see that school will enable them to have choices.

The beneficiaries are 30 children from the 3 schools in the Brindishe Federation.



The project came about because we were part of the Shine Charity and carried out their Serious Fun on Saturday Programme, matching the funding that they put into it. Cathy Maddison, Deputy Head, identified the opportunity and made the application to Shine, which was successful and ran for 3 years. Since then Blackheath High School has funded the programme and been allowed to use the Shine logo.


The Programme uses teaching and non teaching staff from Blackheath High School and 2 TA's from the Brindishe schools over a period of 7 weeks. The facilities of Blackheath High School are used.

Blackheath High School funds the project.


Pupil Involvement

There are 30 students from year 5, both boys and girls, along with 15 sixth form mentors



The programme runs over 7 weeks every year.