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Virtual Events for the Wider Community

During the National Lockdown from January until March 2021, Plymouth College developed a series of free virtual events called "An Evening With" where notable figures from the fields of sports, the arts and politics spoke to us about their careers and answered questions from the audience.  The idea was to retain a sense of community within the school and for some we extended the invitation to local youth organisations so they may join in too; a local children's theatre group were invited to join us when we had a film and TV actor and two local cricket clubs invited when we welcomed the captain of England Women's cricket.


We wanted to include children from the local community to join in the events especially where we felt they would be particularly interested or gain from being part of it.


The Head already had connections with the local cricket clubs and knew there was a strong appetite for the female game.  She extended the invitation to them as soon as we knew that the England Women's Cricket Team captain would be joining us.

When we were aware that we would be welcoming a notable film and TV actor, we extended an invitation to a local children's theatre group so they may also have the opportunity to learn more about his career and how he became successful in his chosen field.


In this time of global pandemic, we utilised Zoom as our online platform.  All events were virtual.  Each session was run in the evening, for around 45 minutes.

Pupil Involvement